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The way we work is changing, regardless of the profession or the industry.

Project management’s relevance in businesses cannot be overstated. When done correctly, it improves the efficiency of every aspect of the organization. It frees up your team to focus on the job that matters, rather than being distracted by projects that go off course or budgets that spiral out of control. It equips them to produce results that have a direct influence on the company’s bottom line. It also allows your staff to recognize how their efforts contribute to the company’s long-term objectives.

Project management is the art of accomplishing the impossible. That is why projects are so important in the progress of your company. Our innovative project management consultants are here to support you through every aspect of delivering strategic projects.

At e Impact, we understand that every organization is unique in terms of behavior, culture and performance, and we adjust our agile project management approach accordingly. Whatever your difficulty is, we’re here to work with you to create something that works best and will last a long time.

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As consultants & project managers, we have the experience in helping businesses solve complex operational problems, plan and implement strategic projects, and often have strong marketing, finance and supply chain management skills. 

We conceptualize and implement solutions that relate to quality or process improvements, increase revenue, decrease operating costs, and improve profit margins.

When assisting businesses, as consulting project managers we often focus on few key areas to improve:

  • Manage all aspects of a project from initiation to completion, including planning and implementation.
  • Review and align processes to achieve the strategic objectives as per project schedule (project planning), while improving efficiency and productivity.
  • Assist in creating value and provide forecasts of project performance.
  • Manage risk for businesses during all stages of project, provide insight on risks worth taking and/or avoiding.
  • Help businesses improve quality of products/services while reducing or minimizing costs.
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